About dynamic attributes

Sometimes you will need to transform the data in your feed so that it complies with Google and Facebook’s requirements.

Dynamic attributes allow you to transform the source data in order to create new attributes that don’t exist in you ecommerce platform.

There are 4 types of dynamic attributes:

  1. Conditional rules – these are rules you can manually set up using our visual editor. The rules function like “if then than that” statements. Example: if “description” contains “dress” then output “dresses”.
  2. Smart rules – allow you to look for words within another attribute’s values. If found, the value will be outputted for each product that is matched. These are rules that will save time compared to writing conditional rules. One such example is our smart rule for colors: our software automatically detects the color of the product by scanning each product name for known color values.
  3. Import from Spreadsheet – this allows you to import a new attribute from a spreadsheet based on the product SKU.
  4. Text extraction – this type of attribute allows you to extract specific strings of text from a certain field using regular expressions.

How to use dynamic attributes (general instructions)

  • Log into your Squarefeed account and click on the Dynamic attributes section (https://cl.ly/970c3f68eb04)
  • Click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page depending on what type of attribute you want to use
  • Configure the attribute by giving it a name and specifying the source field to run the conditions against
  • After you finished your configuration click on the Field mapping section and map the newly created dynamic attribute to your desired field