Dynamic attributes: import from spreadsheet

You can enhance your product data even if you don’t have certain attributes in your shopping cart admin section. An easy way to achieve this is via a spreadsheet import.

First you need to prepare the spreadsheet and then create a new Dynamic attribute. Here are the steps for each process:

1. Preparing your spreadsheet

The spreadsheet will need to contain just 2 columns: the product SKU and the values you want to attach to each item.

We recommend downloading a fresh copy of your product feed and working on that.

Open the feed in excel and populate the new values:

  • Go to Field mapping & export, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Export to file”.
  • Open Microsoft Excel and go to Data > Import from Text. Select the feed file and make sure you set the delimiter to Tab when importing. Screenshoot: https://cl.ly/bb4df103463d
  • Insert a new column between the id and the title columns and populate it: https://cl.ly/4e9d439bbaf6
  • After you finished writing all the values you want, delete everything after the new column you created. Ensure that you only keep the SKUs and the new values in the sheet, then Save as xslx file. Screenshot: https://cl.ly/747dee2cd1ba

2. Upload the spreadsheet as a Dynamic attribute

  • Log into your squarefeed account
  • Click on Dynamic attributes
  • Click on “Import from spreadsheet”
  • Name your new attribute, then click the “Import spreadsheet” button and select the file you created in the previous step

3. Map the Dynamic attribute to the desired field in the feed

  • Go to Field Mapping & Export.
  • Locate the field you want to replace and select the Dynamic attribute you created in the previous step.
  • Click one of the buttons below to update the feed (either in “Upload to Facebook Catalog” or “Upload to Google Merchant”)