Google Merchant setup checklist

Before your products can be approved in Google Merchant, you need to make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Add contact information to your store
  2. Add a refund and terms of service policies to your store
  3. Remove the password from your store
  4. Configure tax and shipping information

If you don’t meet the above requirements, your Google Merchant account will be suspended.

If your Google Merchant account is already suspended for one or more of the reasons above, please follow the instructions to correct the issues, then file for an account review using this form:

1. Add contact information

Google requires that you display your contact information on your store to make sure that your customers will reach you. A contact form is not considered enough. You need to make sure that to you add at least two of the following pieces of information about your business:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • physical address

You can easily add this to your contact page from the Squarespace admin panel.

If you don’t add this information when you submit your products, your Google Merchant account will be suspended.

If your account is already suspended because of this reason, you get the suspension removed if you add the contact information to the site and then file for an account review using this form:

2. Add store policies

Any store on Google Merchant is required to display a refund policy the terms and conditions on the website. To create these policies follow these steps:

    1. Generate your policy using Shopify’s refund policy generator.
    2. Generate your terms using Shopify’s terms and conditions generator.
    3. Then paste the text in your Squarespace admin under Checkout page > Store policies (instructions).

After filling in these policies, your checkout page will have a link that opens the policies in a pop-up window.

It may take 24-48 hours for Google to review the changes once you’ve implemented this, or if your Google Merchant account is suspended, you have to contact Google support and ask them to manually review the account using this form:

3. Remove password from your store

If you want to sell on Google Shopping, your store needs to be publically available to customers. If your store is hidden behind a password, you need to disable the site-wide password from your Squarespace admin panel (instructions).

4. Configure tax and shipping information

Every new Google Merchant account needs to have the tax and shipping information set up. Please see this article on how to configure your tax and shipping settings in Google Merchant.