How to exclude products from your feed

By default we automatically eliminate the following items for you:

  • products that are not visible
  • products that are not physical

If you want to eliminate additional items from your feed, go to the Filters section, then add a new rule to exclude by.

Image 2019-07-31 at 4.54.12 PM.png
From your Squarefeed account, click on Filters then Add rule

Now, think about what are the shared commonalities of the product(s) that you want to exclude. If you want to exclude a specific variant, you can simply select “variants.0.sku” is and then paste in the value of that SKU. Here are a few examples to demonstrate how exclusion rules work:

  1. Excluding a single variant
    Let’s say that you want to exclude SKU SQ900000 for instance. You would add a rule where variants.0.sku is “SQ900000”. Screenshot:
  2. Excluding all variants that belong to the same product
    First you need to locate the id of that product. After that add a rule where id matches the product id which you want to exclude. Screenshot:
  3. Exclude all products that contain the word “red” in the title
    Add a rule where name contains “red”. Screenshot:
  4. Exclude all products that belong to the “shoes” category
    Add a rule where category path contains “shoes”. Screenshot: