How to fill in the Google product category

Both Google and Facebook requires you to classify each product according to Google’s taxonomy. Typically, merchants don’t have this information in the source data, so Squarefeed provides multiple ways in which you can do it:

  • Scenario A: all your products fall in the same Google category
  • Scenario B: your products fall into different Google categories

Scenario A is the easiest.

  1. Open a new browser window and look up the value you want to set in Google’s taxonomy file:
  2. In our app, in the “Field mapping” page, select the “static value” option. This will activate an the input field next to the option.
  3. Paste the value you got in step 1 in the input field you activated in step 2

In Scenario B you can use our “dynamic attributes” feature to classify products based on other attributes. Here is an article explaining how dynamic attributes work:

You have to draft some rules for classifying the products based on product names for example, we can help you implement them.

Here is an example to get you started:

Say your sell face masks and soap. If all your product names contain either face mask or soap you can apply the following logic:

If Name contains Face Mask classify as 2503
If Name contains Face Soap Bar classify as 6262

Here is a screenshot of how it looks in a dynamic attribute:

After you create the dynamic attribute, you have to go back to the “Field mapping” page and select this new dynamic attribute you created next to the google product category field.