How to set up your Facebook Product Catalog feed

By sending your Squarefeed data feed to a Facebook catalog, you can tag your products in Instagram posts and also create Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook and Instagram. This guide explains how to integrate your Squarespace store with Facebook Catalog via Squarefeed.

To create the data feed follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with Squarefeed:, then subscribe one of our plans
  2. Import your products
  3. Map your fields
  4. Download your feed file and upload it to the Facebook catalog

2. Import your products

  • Log into your Squarespace admin panel
  • Edit the your browser’s address bar: delete everything after the “.com” part and replace it with “/api/1/commerce/products”
    (it should look something like this:
  • Right click anywhere on the page and click “Save as”
  • Upload the file using the form on our app

Video walkthrough on how to get your product file from Squarespace:

3. Map your fields

Facebook requires certain fields for each product. After you upload your product file, you will be taken to the “Field mapping screen”. Here you will see some default columns which will have to be mapped to the attributes from your product file. We automatically map a few fields for you, but you can change any of the settings by selecting the values in your dropdown as in the gif below:

Here is a list of attributes required by Facebook and how you can set them up:

  • Id – automatically mapped to the SKU of each product
  • Title – automatically be mapped to the name of each product
  • Link – automatically mapped to the URL of each product
  • Price – automatically  mapped to the price of each product
  • Sale price – automatically mapped – if your product is on sale it will fill in the sale price, if it’s not on sale it’s going to be blank
  • Description – automatically mapped to the description of each product
  • Image_link – automatically mapped to the image URL of each product
  • Availability – automatically mapped to the availability of each product
  • Google_product_category – this is mostly used for Google feeds, but Facebook can also take it as an input, you can either leave this blank or enter in a static value by checking the static value box under the field input. To determine the Google category for your products you can use this reference file.
  • Brand – if you have this as a separate attribute in your Squarespace store you can map it to this field, if not, check the “static value” box and enter in a value
  • Condition – this should describe if your products are new or used – normally Squarespace doesn’t have support for it so you have to check the “static value” box and write your condition (ex: “new”)
  • Item_group_id – if you have parent products this will be automatically mapped to the parent product id, if you don’t have parent products, this will be blank

The optional fields allow you to enter more information, but they are not required by Facebook, so you can ignore them.

Each store configuration is different, but we found that in most situations you will only need to double check the field mapping and to fill in the “brand” and the “condition” fields as described above.

More info on the required and optional fields can be found here:

3. Configure the feed to work with your Facebook catalog

After you uploaded your product information and finished mapping your fields, press the “Upload to Facebook Catalog” button and the feed file will be generated. On completion you will receive a notification with next steps and a link to the feed file. Click on the Feed URL box to copy it to the clipboard.

If you already have a Facebook catalog, follow the steps below, if you don’t have a Facebook catalog created, see our video demo from here.

After getting your feed Url, head back to your Facebook Catalog and follow these steps:

  • Select the catalog that you want to add items to.
  • From the left menu, go to Catalog > Data Sources
  • Select Add Products
  • Select Use Bulk Upload
  • Select Scheduled feed
  • Paste in your Feed URL from your Squarefeed account (you don’t need to enter any username or password). Screenshot:

You will be taken to a screen that shows the processing result of your product information. You might see error or warnings. The items with errors won’t show up in your ads unless you correct the errors displayed on the screen.

Troubleshooting tips

Missing “google_product_category” – This field isn’t mandatory and not having a value will not affect your ability to tag products, publish them to a Facebook shop or even run Dynamic Product Ads on your catalog.

Products appear sold out on Facebook Shops – Facebook requires that you add inventory quantity information to your products. Follow this article to see how to add inventory to your product feed:

Refreshing the product data in Facebook

If your product information changes on your store, you need to re-upload your file by clicking the “Upload products” section, then click the “Upload to Facebook Catalog” button and the file will be overwritten with the new information. That means that your feed URL will be read by Facebook within maximum 24 hours.

In order for the changes to appear in your Facebook Catalog faster follow these steps:

1. Go to your Facebook catalog page:
2. Select the correct catalog from the top left dropdown.
3. Click on the “Product Data Sources” link in the left menu
4. Click on the feed in the Data Source Name column
5. Go to Settings
6. Click the “Request update now” button under the “Schedule” section.

If you run into any issues please contact us at