How to set up your Facebook Product Catalog feed

By sending your Squarefeed data feed to a Facebook catalog, you can tag your products in Instagram posts and also create Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook and Instagram. This guide explains how to integrate your Squarespace store with Facebook Catalog via Squarefeed.

To create the data feed follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with Squarefeed:
  2. Select “Promote products on Facebook” and then subscribe to start your free trial.
  3. Set up your product settings
  4. Grab your feed file Url
  5. Set up the Data Source in your Facebook Catalog

2. Select “Promote products on Facebook” and then select your plan

3. Set up your product settings

Facebook requires certain fields for each product variant. We automatically map most fields for you by default, so you only need to fill in a simple questionnaire:

  • Select the condition of the products. Are your products new? Select “Yes”, “No” or “It varies by product”
  • Select the default Google product category.  Start typing and you will see results autocomplete from Google’s product taxonomy.
  • Select if you have product identifier (UPSs, EANs, ISBNs)
  • Select if you have Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs)

If you’re selling apparel items you’ll be asked to fill in additional attributes such as gender and age group. 

4. Grab your feed file Url

After you generate your feed, you will be taken to your Dashboard where you can see the number of items in the feed and a timestamp of when it was last generated. To copy your feed Url which you will use in your Facebook Catalog, follow these steps:

Go to Actions > Click Upload to Facebook Catalog and click on the link that appears on the page to copy the feed file Url.

5. Set up the Data Source in your Facebook Catalog

  • Go to Catalog Manager and select the catalog that you want to add items to.
  • Go to Product Data Sources.
  • Select Add Products
  • Select Use Bulk Upload
  • Select Scheduled feed
  • On the Set up feed section, paste your Feed URL. You can get this from the Dashboard of your Squarefeed account. In the Feed details section, click on the dropdown next to Actions and select Upload to Facebook Catalog (video instructions:
  • On the Schedule Updates section, leave the option Hourly selected and click Next
  • On the Complete Settings section, double check that your Default currency selection matches your website and click Upload

Troubleshooting tips

  • Missing “ google_product_category” – This field isn’t mandatory and not having a value will not affect your ability to tag products, publish them to a Facebook shop or even run Dynamic Product Ads on your catalog.
  • Products appear sold out on Facebook Shops – Facebook requires that you add inventory quantity information to your products. Follow this article to see how to add inventory to your product feed.

Refreshing the product data in Facebook

If your product information changes on your store, it might take Facebook a few hours to pick up on those changes. In order to speed up the update process, follow the steps outlined in this article.