How to create your Google Merchant feed

In order to setup Google Shopping ads you will need to submit your products to Google Merchant via a product feed. After you created your Google Merchant and Adwords accounts you need to create a data feed using the instructions below.

Before you begin

Before you start creating your product feed, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a Google Merchant and a Google Ads account
  2. Sign up for an account with Squarefeed and subscribe one of our plans
  3. Follow the Google Merchant setup checklist

Creating the data feed

After you met the above requirements, follow these steps to create your data feed:

  • Import your products
  • Map your fields
  • Submit your feed to Google Merchant Center

Import your products

  • Log into your Squarespace admin panel
  • Edit the your browser’s address bar: delete everything after the “.com” part and replace it with “/api/1/commerce/products”
    (it should look something like this:
  • Right click anywhere on the page and click “Save as”
  • Upload the file using the form on the upload page

Video walkthrough on how to get your product file from Squarespace:


Map your fields

Google requires certain fields for each product. After you upload your product file, you will be taken to the “Field mapping screen”. Here you will see some default columns which will have to be mapped to the attributes from your product file. We automatically map a few fields for you, but you can change any of the settings by selecting the values in your dropdown as in the gif below:

Here is a list of attributes required by Google and how you can set them up:

  • Id – automatically mapped to the SKU of each product
  • Title – automatically be mapped to the name of each product
  • Link – automatically mapped to the URL of each product
  • Price – automatically  mapped to the price of each product
  • Sale price – automatically mapped – if your product is on sale it will fill in the sale price, if it’s not on sale it’s going to be blank
  • Description – automatically mapped to the description of each product
  • Image_link – automatically mapped to the image URL of each product
  • Availability – automatically mapped to the availability of each product
  • Google_product_category – Check the “static value” box under the field input and enter the right category for your products. To determine the Google category for your products you can use this reference file: More info:
  • Brand – if you have this as a separate attribute in your Squarespace store you can map it to this field, if not, check the “static value” box and enter in a value
  • Condition – this should describe if your products are new or used – normally Squarespace doesn’t have support for it so you have to check the “static value” box and write your condition (ex: “new”)
  • Item_group_id – if you have parent products this will be automatically mapped to the parent product id, if you don’t have parent products, this will be blank
  • GTIN – Your product’s Global Trade Item Number. This field is required (For all new products with a gtin assigned by the manufacturer).
  • MPN – Required (Only if your new product does not have a manufacturer assigned gtin)
  • identifier_exists – If your product doesn’t have both a GTIN and MPN, set identifier_ exists to FALSE
  • Size – Required for all Clothing and Shoe products. if you have an option called “size” added to your products it will be automatically mapped to this field. More info:
  • Color – required for all apparel items. if you have an option called “color” added to your products it will be automatically mapped to this field. More info:
  • age_group – required for all apparel items. Your product’s targeted demographic. Supported values: newborn, infant, toddler, kids, adult. More info:
  • Gender – required for all apparel items. Supported values are: male, female and unisex. More info:
  • Product type – optional. Product category that you define for your product. Automatically mapped to your store category if the product is assigned to a category in Squarespace.

You can optionally add more fields as needed in the custom fields section by pressing the “Add field” button.

To delete a field, click on it’s name and press backspace on your keyboard.

More info on the required and optional fields can be found here:

Go through our setup checklist

Before you submit your product feed, please take a moment to configure your tax and shipping information in your Google Merchant center account. Also, make sure that you add contact information and a refund policy to your store. Failing to do so will lead to suspension of your Google Merchant account.

See our setup checklist with instructions about each step:

Submit your feed to Google Merchant

Method 1: Export directly to Google Merchant (recommended)

After you uploaded your product information and finished mapping your fields, follow these steps:

  • Press the “Upload to Google Merchant” button (make sure that you’re signed in with the right Google account first)
  • A dialog will show up, where we ask for permission to manage your product listings – click the “Allow button”
  • On the next screen select the target language and country of your feed (for example: English / United States)
  • After you select these options your feed will be automatically created in your Google Merchant account. It might take Google at least 2 hours to fetch the feed, so in order to speed up the process, you can request a manual fetch of the file by doing the following:
    • log into your Google Merchant account
    • click on Products > Feeds
    • Select the newly created product feed by clicking on it’s name
    • Click the “fetch now” button to the right of the screen
    • After 5 or 10 minutes you may refresh the page and see a report on how many products were submitted and on any product errors that you need to correct.

Method 2: Manual export

If you have multiple Merchant center accounts attached to your Google account, the “Upload to Google Merchant” option will not work (it’s not currently supported by the Google API).

So you have two options: either create a new Google account and assign it to the Merchant account you want to work on, or manually export the feed file, then upload it to Google Merchant. Here is how to manually export: press the “Extract” button and the feed file will begin downloading.

After downloading the feed file, head back to your Google Merchant Center account and follow these steps:

  • Click on Products from the left side menu, then click on Feeds
  • Click the add new feed (it’s a blue button that shows a plus sign on it)
  • Select mode “Standard” (you can select “Test” here if you just want to try out the feed at first before submitting)
  • Select your target country
  • Enter a name for your feed that will help you recognize it later on, then click “continue”
  • Chose input method “upload” and click “continue”
  • Enter the name of the file you just downloaded (it should be in this format mysite.com_feed.txt
  • Check the option “Manually upload a file now”
  • Select the file you just downloaded from your computer and then click “save”
  • Allow 5 – 10 minutes for Google to process the file (the processing time depends on how many products you submit). After this time, click the link for the feed you just created

You will be taken to a screen that shows the processing result of your product information. You might see error or warnings. The items with errors won’t show up in your ads unless you correct the errors displayed on the screen.

Next steps: create Google Shopping campaign

After you submitted your product feed, it’s time to create a new Google Shopping campaign. To do this follow these steps:

  • Press the Google Shopping link on the left hand menu
  • Click on Connect Adwords and authorize the app in case you are asked to do so
  • If you have more than one Google Ads account under your account, you will be asked to select which Google Ads account to use
  • Enter your daily budget and click the submit button

Your campaign will be created in your Google Ads account. Note that your ads will only start running when your Google Merchant products are approved. If this is your first time submitting products to Merchant center, Google might take up to 3 business days to review and approve them. Once the products are approved the ads will start running automatically.

Refreshing the product information

If your product information changes on your store, you need to repeat the process, except that this time your field mapping configuration will be saved, so you only need to upload the new product file, then press the “Upload to Google Merchant” button.