Squarespace product attributes

When you upload products from Squarespace to our platform, it’s important to understand the most important attributes from your source data as you may want to use them to transform the data using our Dynamic attributes feature.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the main attributes from the Squarespace data and how they are called in the Squarefeed source field dropdowns.

sq attributes (item screen).png
Item screen
sq attributes (pricing & variants).png
Variants & Pricing screen
variants.0.skuthe SKU of an item. In case you have products with multiple variants, this will be the SKU of the variant, not the parent product
namethe name of the product. In Squarespace variants are not assigned names, so this attribute comes from the parent product
url.fullPaththe link to the product page
price and sale_pricethe variant price and sale price
descriptionthe description
images.0.urlthe link to the product’s main image
availabilitya squarefeed system attribute that determines if the product is in stock or out of stock based on the quantity
shipping_weightthe weight of the variant
variants.0.stock.quantitythe quantity of the variant